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My greatest passions in life are traveling to new places and meeting new people. Having traveled across the country for my career in nursing, I have truly become obsessed with exploring new places and adventures. Beyond my love for traveling, is my love for PEOPLE. Seriously, whether its five minutes, or five years of knowing someone, I LOVE learning other’s life stories. I love learning about their upbringing, their passions, their love story…I love it ALL! I think the things we have are just things, though the relationships we make and experiences we share are everything. My goals as a photographer, is to give you a memorable experience and capture candid photos that tell a story and make you feel emotion!

Photography didn't come first for my career. When I am not behind my lens, I have worked as a neonatal nurse for almost seven years! Though I always had a camera growing up and loved to document life, it was my husband that later heavily influenced and taught me much of what I know through his passion for astrophotography. It was then my experience as a bride that sparked my love for wedding photography! Photography, similar to nursing, still allows me to make human connections and serve others, while also allowing me to express my creativty. As my business continues to grow, I plan to take the leap of being a full-time photographer in the near future. I cannot wait to see where this journey will take me!

hi beautiful! I'm bri

 a Pittsburgh- based wedding and Lifestyle Photographer! 

Spring of 2023, my husband and I checked off a big bucket list and went away for over two weeks visiting Egypt, Jordan, and Israel. We got to see the The Pyramids of Giza and Petra—two of The Seven Wonder’s of the World! Going to be hard to top this one, btw can you tell I love to travel ?! ☺

Favorite place I’ve traveled to so far

We got married summer of 2021, on Hilton Head Island, one of my favorite places ever, directly on the beach, surrounded by all our loved ones. It was the best week ever and I would do it again in a heartbeat if I could.

my wedding story

My husband and our two mini sheepadoodles, Luna & Grizzly!

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Oat milk latte with a touch of Lavender (hot or iced—yum!)

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